The HBS Africa Business Club, founded on November 12, 1997, is dedicated to increasing the awareness of business opportunities on the African continent.

Our activities are professional, educational and social in nature, and are open to all members of the Harvard community as well as the broader young professional African network though our annual conference.


Provide a forum for career opportunities for students interested in the African region, as well as employers seeking the skills of HBS and other college graduates.
Raise the awareness in the HBS community about investment and other business opportunities on the continent with the aim of creating more ventures and deals in Africa.
Integrate the coverage of African countries and businesses into the HBS curriculum through the development of case studies by faculty and doctoral students.
Promote the discussion of economic, political and social issues confronting the continent through speakers, conferences and other events.
Increase applications from and admittance of African students to HBS, and serve as a resource to such prospective students.
Have fun through social events with an Africa flair!
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